Friday 2 January 2015

My First Participation In A Contest

The Croco Family

Hi guys! Recently I joined a contest of amigurumi design. I am sure most of you are aware of this competition by .

It was my first time joining one. I managed to submit at the very last minute because I was quite occupied with other customers orders. Thank goodness!

This year, the theme is parent and baby animals. I chose to do crocodiles because I love their prehistoric looks and they share common ancestors with dinosaurs (yes I'm a fan of dinosaurs heh heh). Here, I made a family of three: papa, mama and lil' croco. I placed a black bow on Papa Croco, and apron on Mama. As for Lil' Croco, I made a pacifier and a ball for him to play with. I had lots of fun creating them!

Do check out at all the other entries that have been submitted here Honestly saying, the other entries are incredible!

Voting will take place from January 3 till January 9. Everyone will be given a chance to vote once for their 5 favourite designs. If you think that I deserve your vote, do vote for me! 



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